Welcome to the bar...

Drinking - great isn't it?!

And what goes well with beer?
Bar snacks.

Well yeah, they're good, but what else?...music.

We specialise in playing music in pubs, clubs, and private functions, hopefully in tune and in time, but always for good times,
while you enjoy beer, wine, or whatever other tipple tickles your fancy in the drinking hole you frequent.

...so, what's on offer?

Apart from a good time?

Well, a mixture of fine tunes from golden oldies to modern stuff, but never boring!


Meet the band


Bass Guitar
A seasoned musician who has been around for a long time playing in various bands in the North West; he even managed to record some tracks onto vinyl a few years ago.



Drums and Backing Vocals
Talented multi-instrumentalist who can play drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals to name but a few. A member of many bands over the years, so addicted to his love of music that he has been known to to be in multiple bands at once.



Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
A relative newcomer to the band scene, Owen is an accomplished guitarist and excellent music technician who looks after the complicated behind-the-scenes stuff, whilst maintaining the rhythm of our sound.



Lead Guitar
Another talented musician who can lend his hand to any number of instruments. Rick has been the driving force behind many bands from folk music to punk rock, and now steers Bartender to greater things.



Lead Vocals
Back in his teens he was part of several bands as vocals and rhythm guitar, but dropped out for a few years. Tempted back by Rick, and by his own admission to "hang around with real musicians", he decided to drop the guitar
(although he can be found to beat the drums if Geoff isn't looking).